energy flexibility

Future Quarter 2.0 – Grid-Supportive Conception of (Positive Energy) Districts

Webinar: EBC Technical Day - Energy innovations for the city of tomorrow Vortragsfolien (18 MB) Weitere infos: Forschungsprojekt “Zukunftsquartier” Forschungsprojekt “Zukunftsquartier 2.0”

Acoustic equalizer for energy timeseries

Signal Equalizer With yearly hourly timeseries equalized_signal hat base signal or base signal query filter array (hourly, daily, monthly, yearly factors [-1;1] filter boost series = base signal * filter description?


Machbarkeitsstudie PED an der FHTW Wien


Flexibler NutzerInnenkomfort in viertelstündlich CO2-neutralen Plusenergie­quartieren